It’s well known that a nutritious diet enhances general quality of life, because everyone needs the right vitamins and minerals for brain function, bone function and healthy organ function. The same applies to good fertility. When trying to conceive it goes without saying that it’s vitally important to take care of yourself. A few simple adjustments to your daily life can help to increase your chances of conceiving.

Getting the correct balance of vitamins and minerals is important for reproductive health. However, it’s not just about eating the right food; it’s also about avoiding certain foods which can affect your chances of conception. As an example, we know from various studies that certain carbohydrates can hinder ovulation. A Nurses’ Health Study tells us that white bread, cake, potatoes and high sugar content drinks should be avoided. It’s best to choose slower digesting carbohydrates which are rich in fiber and vitamins A, C and B6. Try quinoa, sweet potato and asparagus. There are other foods believed to enhance fertility because of the vitamin and mineral content. Here’s our list of 10 great fertility foods for you to add to your shopping basket to help you successfully conceive.

1. Bananas

Bananas are rich in B6 and potassium; both are magical nutrients in aiding conception because they help hormone regulation. If you are B6 deficient you could suffer with irregular periods and this can inhibit ovulation. You also want your eggs and your partner’s sperm to be healthy – a diet rich in B6 will increase your chances. Every morning you could make yourself a banana smoothie to enjoy, not only does it taste delicious it will go a long way to keeping your reproductive system healthy.

2. Eggs

Why not wake up on eggs? Make yourself a good breakfast with all sorts of egg recipes, from French toast to over-easy – there’s so much you can do with an egg and it’s full of Vitamin D. A Yale university study measured 67 infertile women and found 93% had insufficient Vitamin D. If you know you have PCOS you will more than likely be Vitamin D deficient. In fact, many people are Vitamin D deficient because the main source of this Vitamin is the sunshine. Have egg for breakfast and eat it outside – even if it’s cloudy, the sun’s rays will still penetrate and push up your Vitamin D levels.

4. Asparagus & Folic Acid

You’ve heard about folic acid before and that’s because it has enormous importance for healthy conception and good levels of fertility. Your doctor or medical professional may well have already suggested that you increase your levels of fertility through a Folic Acid supplement but you can also add it to your diet naturally with asparagus.

5. Fruit

You can eat as much fruit as you like, and make sure you include plenty of citrus. Whether it’s a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice to go with that breakfast egg or if it’s squeezing lemon juice over a refreshing salad for a zesty flavor. Citrus contains plenty of Vitamin C. It’s amazing for balancing hormones and it’s really beneficial to sperm health, boosting mobility and sperm count.

6. Nuts

Nuts are a rich source of protein and almonds in particular contain Vitamin E. Research from the University of Adelaide showed that Brazil nuts are especially good for fertility. Additionally, the vitamin content is excellent for improving sperm health and Vitamin E is a natural anti-oxidant, superb for skin health and cell regeneration, it is strongly linked to healthy eggs.

7. Red Meat

Iron is really important when trying to conceive. It is possible for a lack of iron can inhibit ovulation and lead to poor egg quality. Don’t overdo it though, too much red meat can also have a negative effect, but once or twice a week will be fine.

8. Peas

Peas aren’t just delicious, they are full of zinc which is excellent for good quality eggs. We should also mention that zinc is great for sperm count and is beneficial to male fertility.

9. Fish

Salmon and Mackerel are full of omegas which are excellent for brain development for a healthy fetus. Salmon is also full of selenium, an antioxidant that is known to protect eggs and sperm from attack, therefore avoiding the breakdown of chromosomes. Selenium is great for avoiding recurrent miscarriage and there are hints to say that selenium could boost sperm health too for your partner.

10. Pomegranates

This fruit is an ancient Persian favorite believed to enhance fertility and is seen as a symbol of fertility. Either cut up a whole pomegranate and snack on it during the day or buy pomegranate juice. It’s rich in many vitamins such as C, K and folic acid, all of these are superb for all over good health and blood flow, especially good for women because they increase the blood flow to the uterus and help with endometrial thickness.