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Erin Bulcao

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Erin Bulcao is a 36-year-old mom of twin girls from San Diego CA who has been dealing with infertility since she started trying to conceive. Staying quiet about it for most of her journey, she recently decided to blog about all of her experiences going through infertility and IVF. After doing 4 egg retrievals, 5 failed transfers, and enduring a miscarriage in between, she felt it was time to share her journey. Hoping that others would feel less alone, Erin documented her 6th and 7th transfers for others to follow along. By being completely open and vulnerable Erin has been able to learn a lot about herself and others who are also going through this journey. Her blog has detailed events of her entire infertility journey from how she feels about pregnancy announcements to Q&As with her IVF doctors and nurses.

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