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Jessica Jones


Married in 2012, Jessica Jones and her husband began trying to conceive immediately afterwards.18 months later, one house move and the deaths of Jessica’s father-in-law and brother, they had still not conceived. Tests revealed that Jessica’s husband has a mild case of Cystic Fibrosis.He produced sperm and they were present in his testicles, he just lacked the internal pipework to naturally get them out of his body, rendering IVF the only option.They did their first two cycles in relative secrecy, but just before the third treatment cycle they decided to be more open about the difficulties and Jessica started a blog charting their progress. Unfortunately, that cycle also failed. Jessica now spends much of her time writing on her blog, being a volunteer for Fertility Network UK and raising awareness of infertility, including the mental health issues surrounding treatment and facing childlessness not by choice. They hope to try a fourth IVF soon.

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