Kaci McGuire

Kaci's focus on self-directed healing and natural fertility enhancement uplifts the individual and supports their journey towards a balanced life and reproductive system. She views clients as partners in their fertility journey, not as patients. Kaci offers private coaching and consultations that are useful for those currently using medical assistance for conception as well as those who are trying to avoid medical treatment. From just starting out to completely worn out, Kaci works with people in all phases of their fertility journey.

Her background in birth and women's health as a doula and aspiring midwife taught her the importance of treating conception, birth and postpartum from a holistic perspective that incorporates emotional and relational fortitude as well as nutritional and environmental support.

As her practice grew she came in contact with more women suffering from reproductive health issues and families trying to conceive who were having difficulties. She realized that her passion, dedication and experience would be of great value to families who were still yearning for their chance to conceive. She recognized that support along the journey makes all the difference in successful birth outcomes, and that families TTC also needed extra support in their journey towards parenthood to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Seamlessly, Kaci transitioned from supporting families during pregnancy to supporting them during preconception and devoted her life to helping others conceive and carry to term happy, healthy babies. She met with experts in various fields: doctors, psychologists, nutritionists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, midwives, health advocates, reproductive endocrinologists and more in addition to further training as a health coach. In her research she sought out the best evidence based practices that are conducive for a balanced reproductive system and built her practice around these techniques.

Kaci is now expecting a baby after a smooth conception and pregnancy that she attributes to excellent preconception care. She looks forward to helping others do the same.


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