Definition - What does Necrozoospermia mean?

Necrozoospermia is a condition in which the sperm in a fresh semen sample are dead or motionless making them unable to travel to the egg for fertilization. The condition may be caused by infection in the male reproductive tract, problems with the testicles, anti-sperm antibodies, or advancing age. It is a male factor in infertility.

Dead sperm in a fresh semen sample is also known as necrospermia.

FertilitySmarts explains Necrozoospermia

Healthy and mobile sperm are important for fertility as after ejaculation, they must be able to travel to the egg for the purpose of fertilization. If many of the sperm present in the ejaculated semen are dead then it becomes unlikely the sperm will be able to reach the egg and fertilization will not occur. A semen analysis can be done to determine the health of ejaculated sperm.

There are two forms of necrozoospermia, incomplete and complete. In incomplete necrozoosperia less than 50% of sperm found in a fresh semen same are healthy. Complete necrozoospermia occurs when all of the sperm in a fresh semen sample are dead and is less common than incomplete necrozoospermia. Necrozoospermia can be addressed in a number of ways and treatment options may include lifestyle changes, antibiotics, medication changes, or sperm retrieval.

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