Natural Insemination (NI)

Definition - What does Natural Insemination (NI) mean?

Natural insemination (NI) refers to the practice of conceiving through sexual intercourse between individuals who are not in a relationship. It is seen by some as a form of sperm donation that may be used by women wishing to have a child on their own or to individuals looking to co-parent.

The intimate nature of the process, particularly when the parties involved are anonymous, makes it a controversial practice with potential health, safety, and legal concerns.

FertilitySmarts explains Natural Insemination (NI)

Natural insemination involves vaginal sex between a woman and a man who are not in a relationship in hopes that the woman will become pregnant. A man willing to donate his sperm is selected, either through an online profile or someone personally known to the intended parent(s) and engages in sexual intercourse with the woman who wishes to become pregnant.

To some, an advantage of NI over other clinical insemination procedures is that it allows the intended parent(s) to select a donor that they know personally, rather than choosing one from the limited information available in a fertility clinic. Furthermore, it is inexpensive and can be performed at home.

There are serious considerations involved, particularly when selecting an anonymous donor from an online profile. Health screening tests prior to engaging in sexual intercourse or any form of sperm donation are highly recommended.

At-home insemination can be achieved through methods other than engaging in actual intercourse, including using an insemination syringe.

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