Definition - What does Parametrium mean?

The parametrium is a band of connective tissue and fat around the uterus and cervix. It separates the cervix from the bladder. It may be involved in cervical cancer and treatment of the cancer can impact a woman's fertility.

The parametrium is also called the cervical stroma.

FertilitySmarts explains Parametrium

Although similar in name, the parametrium differs from the perimetrium. The perimetrium is the outer layer of the uterus, whereas the parametrium surrounds cervix and separates it from the bladder.

In certain cases of cervical cancer, the parametrium may become involved. Cervical cancer is graded based on the extent to which the cancer has invaded a woman's reproductive organs. Stage IIb cervical carcinoma involves the extension of the cancer into the parametrium, but not into the pelvic sidewall.

Surgical treatment for cervical cancer can result in infertility. In order to preserve fertility in women undergoing cervical cancer treatment, new types of surgical treatments were developed. One such treatment is called radical trachelectomy (RT). This surgical procedure involves removing the cervix, parametrium, and cuff of the vagina while leaving the uterine fundus intact. This procedure can only be performed if the tumor is small and has not spread past the cervix. Women undergoing treatment for cervical cancer who wish to maintain their fertility should discuss options with their health care provider.

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