Fertility Nurse

Definition - What does Fertility Nurse mean?

A fertility nurse is a nurse who specializes in assisting individuals with fertility issues and reproduction. They are typically registered nurses with a background in women’s health. The nurse is often the first point of contact for those accessing fertility services.

A fertility nurse may also be called an infertility nurse or IVF nurse.

FertilitySmarts explains Fertility Nurse

Fertility nurses help implement the patient’s care plan. They will provide a detailed explanation of the required tests and available treatments. They will listen to the patient’s concerns and answer any questions that they may have. A fertility nurse’s role may vary depending on the clinic at which she or he works. They may perform ultrasounds, draw blood, assist in procedures, administer medications, schedule treatments, monitor patients undergoing procedures, and teach patients to administer their own injectable drugs.

Most fertility nurses have an extensive background in women’s health. They are usually registered nurses who hold a bachelor’s degree and have additional training in the field of reproductive health and fertility.

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