Definition - What does EmbryoGlue mean?

EmbryoGlue is a product used to enhance implantation of the embryo after transfer. It is a medium designed to resemble conditions within a woman's uterus at the time in her cycle when implantation of an embryo would occur. It is believed to improve the rate of implantation after embryo transfer.

FertilitySmarts explains EmbryoGlue

EmbryoGlue contains the nutrients and energy sources embryos require for development, including a high concentration of hyaluronan and recombinant human albumin. These substances are designed to mimic the environment within a woman's uterus at the time of implantation. It thought that hyaluronan acts as a bridge between the embryo and the uterine wall, decreasing movement of the embryo after transfer. This allows the embryo to stick to the uterine wall and successfully implant.

Embryos grown in a lab setting are cultured in a nutrient-rich medium that helps them grow. Traditionally, embryos were transferred with a solution similar to this medium. EmbryoGlue is essentially a different medium that is optimized for implantation. Studies suggest that EmbryoGlue may increase the rate of clinical pregnancy after embryo transfer, especially in those with recurrent implantation failure.

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