Definition - What does Dibling mean?

A dibling is a slang term used to describe a donor sibling, a person related to someone else through an egg or sperm donor. A dibling’s genetic information can be useful in identifying genetic traits that a person might otherwise not know about.

FertilitySmarts explains Dibling

Sperm and egg donors are free to donate numerous times, and often do if they possess qualities that recipients value. This can result in multiple children born in various locations, all with one biological parent in common. These children are called diblings and are half-siblings with a common genetic mother (egg donation) or father (sperm donation).

The Donor Sibling Registry was created in 2000 in the US, for people who want to know more about their unknown genetic parent. While it sometimes puts donors and children in touch, it most often puts donor siblings in touch with each other, as well as their recipient parents. This allows parents to share information and potentially identify any underlying genetic traits their children might have in common. This can be anything from behavioral tendencies to medical issues such as allergies or other, more serious, genetic conditions. Having these other parents or siblings to keep in touch with can also be a source of parenting and emotional support.

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