Intended Parent

Definition - What does Intended Parent mean?

An intended parent is someone who has taken steps to have a surrogate mother carry a child for them, with the objective that they will become the child’s parent once it is born. Intended parents can be infertile couples, anyone for whom carrying a child would be unsafe, same-sex couples, or single parents.

FertilitySmarts explains Intended Parent

Surrogacy is a legal arrangement made between a surrogate mother and intended parents. The surrogate mother is impregnated through either the transfer of an unrelated embryo or through artificial insemination. Using an embryo that is made through in vitro fertilization (IVF) from the intended parents’ sperm and egg is gestational surrogacy, and the surrogate mother has no parental rights to the child that she will carry to term. If for some reason, the intended mother cannot produce viable eggs, the intended parents may choose traditional surrogacy, where artificial insemination is used to fertilize the surrogate’s eggs. This makes the surrogate the biological mother of the child, and she has parental rights unless they are legally signed over to the intended parents when the child is born.

Surrogacy agencies exist to coordinate all the various parties in this type of arrangement. They also screen intended parents to ensure that they meet all the physical, mental, emotional, fiscal, and legal requirements for them to become parents. These screening involve social and health histories, background checks, and in-home evaluations.

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