Intended Parent

Published: September 2, 2017

What Does Intended Parent Mean?

An intended parent is a name for an individual or couple that is building their family through the use of third-party reproduction, which can include egg, sperm or embryo donation and surrogacy arrangements. The intended parents are the individuals that will become the child’s parent once it is born.

Couples experiencing infertility or unable to carry a pregnancy, same-sex couples, or single parents may become intended parents by choosing third-party reproduction.

Intended parents may also be called an intended family.

FertilitySmarts Explains Intended Parent

Third-party reproduction is a process of family building that involves someone other than the individuals who intend on parenting the child. This term indicates who amongst those involved are intended to be the legal parents of the child.

With a surrogacy arrangement, the intended parents are the individual or couple who require the assistance of a surrogate to carry a child.

With egg, sperm or embryo donation, the intended parents are the individual or couple in need of either sperm, egg or embryo to have a successful pregnancy.

As part of the donation or surrogacy agreement, the donors or surrogate agrees to waive parental rights. Depending on the region, the legal status of intended parents through surrogacy may not be assumed by default.

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