Insemination Syringe

Definition - What does Insemination Syringe mean?

An insemination syringe is a needless syringe used to deliver sperm into the vagina as a method of at-home insemination. Typically, a clean, disposable 5-10mm syringe is used. An insemination syringe is a simple tool that can help those struggling to conceive or to help individuals or couples wishing to conceive without intercourse.

An insemination syringe may also be called a semen syringe, conception syringe or IUI syringe.

FertilitySmarts explains Insemination Syringe

Self-insemination is sometimes called the "turkey baster method" because of the similarity between the insemination syringe and a turkey baster. However, the syringes are much smaller than a standard turkey baster. The insemination syringe is usually a 5-10mm needless disposable syringe obtained from a health care provider or online kit.

Prior to using an insemination syringe, either a fresh sample of semen is collected or a frozen sample is obtained from a sperm bank. The sample of semen is drawn up into the insemination syringe. Any air bubbles drawn up in the syringe can be released by holding the syringe with the tip up and tapping it until the bubbles rise to the top. Pushing down the plunger while the tip of the syringe remains up also releases the air but can result in losing some of the semen sample.

A woman can then administer the semen sample into her own vagina or have someone else do it for her. She should be lying flat and may want to elevate her hips to help keep the semen from leaking out. Often, the syringe can then either be disposed of or rinsed and reused by the same person in the future. Note that any residual soap or cleaner can be harmful sperm.

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