Definition - What does L-Arginine mean?

L-Arginine is an amino acid that may help increase the thickness of the uterine lining (endometrium) as well as improve the blood flow to the uterus. Thus, it may help an embryo implant into the uterine wall while facilitating its nourishment and growth by promoting an optimal environment.

FertilitySmarts explains L-Arginine

For a successful pregnancy to occur, it is important that the endometrial thickness be greater than 7 mm. A thickness less than this value lowers the odds of a successful conception. Supplementing L-arginine is shown to have positive effects not only on the thickness of the uterine lining but also on embryo implantation, its development, fetal survival, and growth.

The body converts L-arginine into a chemical called nitric oxide, which widens the blood vessels, including that supplying the uterus. The enhanced blood flow to the uterus speeds up the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the baby. This, in turn, may be responsible for the positive effects of L-arginine on the reproductive potential and fetal growth. Research shows that L-arginine supplementation may improve the pregnancy rate, especially in women with poor ovarian reserve where uterine blood flow is already impaired.

L-arginine has also been used to prevent or treat poor fetal growth. Moreover, the increase in nitric oxide due to its supplementation has shown to lower the abortion rates in mice.

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