Ovarian Rejuvenation

Definition - What does Ovarian Rejuvenation mean?

Ovarian rejuvenation is a novel procedure that aims to artificially produce new eggs in the ovaries of women, offering them the benefit of having their own biological child. It is a subject of great interest and research by medical experts but is still considered experimental and not yet offered to patients.

FertilitySmarts explains Ovarian Rejuvenation

The procedure may benefit women who have poor quality or reduced number of eggs such as those with advancing age. Scientists are studying different approaches to rejuvenate the ovaries and reverse this aging process. One of these is referred to as ovarian fragmentation for follicular activation (OFFA). This process stimulates the dormant ovarian follicles, which are then able to release viable eggs. While still a focus of research, OFFA is being performed by limited centers, allowing women to conceive before resorting to egg donation.

Another ovarian rejuvenation therapy involves injecting stem cells into the ovarian artery. This technique is under development and is based on the concept that ovaries contain stem cells capable of producing eggs and these cells can be cultured in a lab to develop into mature eggs and then infused into the ovarian artery.

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