Soft Cervix

Definition - What does Soft Cervix mean?

A soft cervix is a cervix that feels softer on touching. The consistency of the cervix (along with its position) changes throughout a woman’s menstrual cycle and the stages of pregnancy. While cervical mucus is usually used to gauge a woman's fertile period in the menstrual cycle, feeling the cervix can also help determine the phase of the cycle and the pregnancy status.

FertilitySmarts explains Soft Cervix

The cervix is firm and feels like the tip of the nose when a woman is not pregnant and not ovulating.

However, during ovulation, the cervix becomes soft like the earlobe and widens up to allow easy access for the sperm. After ovulation, the cervix becomes firm like the tip of the nose again.

Similarly, in the early phase of pregnancy, the rising levels of estrogen boost the flow of blood through the cervix, causing it to soften. This phase is different from the subsequent two phases in that softening is a relatively slow process. Then as the pregnancy proceeds, the cervix becomes firmer again to hold the baby in the uterus.

The cervix will re-soften (ripen) close to term, prepping the woman’s body for labor and subsequent delivery. Softening (ripening) of the cervix somewhere around the mid-pregnancy or when the woman is nowhere close to term indicates premature labor and calls for immediate attention.

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