Definition - What does Spermatozoon mean?

A spermatozoon is the mature male reproductive cell. The sperm cell consists of a round cylindrical cell, a short neck and a thin tail which enables the cell to move. One of the most important aspects of the sperm cell in terms of fertility is the ability of the sperm cell to move so that it can swim towards an egg to allow for fertilization. The size and shape of the sperm cell and the volume of sperm is also important.

A spermatozoon is also referred to as a sperm cell or sperm. The plural of spermatozoon is spermatozoa.

FertilitySmarts explains Spermatozoon

A semen analysis is a fertility test that is routinely carried out to check the quality of the sperm cells. Most men have a percentage of abnormal sperm cells. Only 4 - 15% of sperm cells can be considered normal. What is important is that within the 4-15% the cells have good vitality and motility (ability to move/swim).

Viable sperm cells should have an oval shaped head, have a mid-section and a long straight tail. If a sperm cell has two tails, no tail or a head that is misshapen it will be unable to successfully penetrate the egg.

Having abnormal sperm cells does not indicate that successful fertilization is not possible but that it may take longer to do so.

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