Arousal Fluid Medically Reviewed

Last Updated: April 28, 2020

Definition - What does Arousal Fluid mean?

Arousal fluid is the clear fluid produced in women in response to sexual arousal, by glands within and around the vagina to lubricate it for potential intercourse. The sensations associated with arousal fluid may be described as wet or moist.

Arousal fluid is not the same as cervical mucus.

FertilitySmarts explains Arousal Fluid

Female sexual arousal causes an increase in the blood flow to the vagina and engorgement of the blood vessels. This increased blood flow and pressure results in increased fluid production from the vaginal glands.

Cervical Mucus or Arousal Fluid?

Arousal fluid may resemble the fluid from the cervix called cervical mucus in that they can both be clear, slippery, and stretchable. You can tell the two fluids apart:

  • Unlike cervical mucus, arousal fluid usually dries up and vanishes quickly, usually within an hour.
  • Cervical mucus appears in a cyclical pattern regardless of arousal whereas arousal fluid is experienced only during arousal.
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