Definition - What does Scrotum mean?

The scrotum is a sack of skin and muscle that contains the testes. It is a male anatomical feature found just below the penis. The scrotum is important to fertility because its job is to regular the temperature of the testes. The testes are where sperm is produced, and overheating of the testes can result in reduced sperm count and can impact fertility.

FertilitySmarts explains Scrotum

It is believed that the scrotum evolved to optimize sperm production by allowing the body to precisely regulate the temperature of the testes. To optimize sperm production, the scrotum keeps the testes about four degrees Fahrenheit (two degrees Celsius), cooler than core body temperature. Clothing and activities which raise scrotal temperatures, such as tight pants that do not allow air flow and hot baths, can reduce sperm count.

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