Definition - What does Spinnbarkeit mean?

Spinnbarkeit refers to the stretchy quality that is seen in peak cervical mucus (most fertile) around the time of ovulation.

Any cervical mucus with a spinnbarkeit quality that can stretch more than one inch when finger tested (when you can pick up mucus from the toilet paper or underwear and stretch it between your thumb and forefinger), should be considered potentially fertile.

FertilitySmarts explains Spinnbarkeit

Cervical mucus (CM) can be separated into two main categories: peak mucus (fertile) and non-peak mucus (somewhat fertile). CM that is peak will have one of the following characteristics:

  • All mucus that is clear is peak
  • All mucus that stretches more than one inch is peak
  • All mucus that feels lubricative is peak

If cervical mucus has none of these qualities, it is considered non-peak.

Spinnbarkeit cervical mucus is frequently compared to the consistency of raw egg whites.

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