Definition - What does Dysmucorrhea mean?

Dysmucorrhea is a condition in which the cervical mucous is inhospitable to or inadequate for the protection of traveling sperm, thus preventing the sperm from reaching and fertilizing an egg. The condition may be caused by stress, poor diet, hormonal conditions and certain prescription medications. It is a factor in infertility.

FertilitySmarts explains Dysmucorrhea

Tracking cervical mucus throughout the month is one way to determine a woman's most fertile time. Around the time of ovulation, cervical mucus is usually clear and "stretchy," resembling egg whites. At less fertile times it may be cloudy and sticky - this thick, cloudy, sticky mucus is not helpful to sperm and may actually block sperm from reaching eggs. Tracking cervical mucus can also reveal dysmucorrhea. If "egg white" cervical does not appear or is found only in small quantities, sperm may not have proper assistance in reaching the eggs. Dysmucorrhea can be treated in a number of ways, including with lifestyle changes, medication changes, supplements, and other treatments.

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