Definition - What does Aspermia mean?

Aspermia is the absence of seminal fluid and sperm in an ejaculation. Men with aspermia may reach orgasm, but the corresponding ejaculation produces no fluid. Aspermia is a cause of male infertility, however, it may be treatable based on the underlying cause of the condition.

Additionally, sperm retrieval techniques may also aid in circumventing aspermia to contribute to conception through assisted reproductive technologies (ART).

FertilitySmarts explains Aspermia

The process of ejaculating semen is a two-step procedure. Initially, the semen is loaded into the prostatic urethra and the bladder neck is sealed. Next, the fluid is expelled in an antegrade, or forward, direction, caused by contractions in the pelvic muscles associated with orgasm.

The most common cause of aspermia is retrograde ejaculation. When semen fails to ejaculate in an antegrade direction it is known as retrograde ejaculation. In this situation, the semen, instead of being expelled out through the penis, is dumped into the bladder. Certain medications, drug use, viruses, or illnesses may cause retrograde ejaculation. Other causes of aspermia include ejaculatory duct obstruction (EDO), the presence of blockage or growths preventing discharge, and anejaculation, the failure to reach ejaculation by orgasm due to psychological or psychosomatic factors.

If stopping medication or lifestyle changes are not applicable routes of treatment, surgical sperm retrieval may be used in the case of retrograde ejaculation.

Treatment options for infertility caused by other types of aspermia may include bladder neck reconstruction, surgical sperm removal, electroejaculation, or prostatic massage. Treatment routes are dependent upon the diagnosed cause.

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