High Cervix

Definition - What does High Cervix mean?

A high cervix indicates that ovulation may be occurring. This cervical position suggests that a woman's fertility window is approaching or present, and unprotected intercourse at this time may lead to pregnancy. It is easy to monitor cervical positions through self evaluation. By tracking the monthly changes of the cervical position, woman can increase or decrease their chance of conceiving through well-timed intercourse.

FertilitySmarts explains High Cervix

The cervix acts as a barrier between the uterus and the vagina. Throughout a woman’s monthly cycle, the cervical position changes in accordance with different stages of menstruation, ovulation, and non-fertility.

To access the cervix, women might be comfortable squatting or elevating one leg. Hands should be clean and well washed. Inserting two fingers into the vagina, women should feel for cervix with her fingertips. The cervix is small and round, with a small hole at the center, similar to a donut.

Along with positioning, the feeling of the cervix and any fluid present can help to indicate the current phase of fertility. A high cervix will be far back in the vagina, and should feel soft, similar to pursed lips. There should be a good deal of vaginal fluid, called cervical mucus, present. The hole at the center of the cervix may be open.

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