Low Cervix

Definition - What does Low Cervix mean?

A low cervix indicates that a woman is not ovulating. Instead, she may be having her menstrual period, or be in the stage shortly before menstruation. It is unlikely a woman would become pregnant during unprotected intercourse during this time. Cervical position can be monitored through a simple self-evaluation. By tracking the monthly changes of the cervical position, woman can increase or decrease their chance of conceiving through well-timed intercourse.

FertilitySmarts explains Low Cervix

The cervix is the barrier between the vagina and the uterus. Throughout a woman’s monthly cycle, it rotates in conjunction with phases of menstruation, ovulation, and non-fertility.

Determining the location of the cervix is a simple task that can be completed at home. With clean, washed hands, a woman can insert two fingers into the vagina, feeling for the cervix at the back of the vagina. The cervix should feel round, like a small donut with a hole in the center. It may be easier to access the cervix by elevating one leg, or squatting.

Along with the placement of the cervix, the variance in how it feels, along with the presence and context of cervical discharge, can be utilized to discern the placement in a woman’s cycle. A low cervix should feel firm, like the tip of a nose. The uterine hole may be open during menstruation to allow for the blood flow. Afterward the bleeding ends, the hole will close until the cervix rises in preparation for ovulation. When the cervix is low, there is usually little to no cervical mucus present.

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