Definition - What does Embryoscope mean?

An EmbryoScope is an incubator for embryos created through in vitro fertilization (IVF) that takes photos of the developing embryos every 10 minutes. These images provide information about the health and quality of the embryos that can be used to determine which ones are most likely to result in a successful pregnancy.

FertilitySmarts explains Embryoscope

EmbryoScope is a device used by fertility clinics to incubate and evaluate developing embryos. Usually, embryos are examined and graded for quality prior to transfer on day 3 or 5 after fertilization. Some embryos with chromosomal abnormalities will look normal at these stages, but they will not implant successfully due to genetic defects.

The time-lapse photos provided by the EmbryoScope allow embryologists to examine embryos at different points of their development. Embryos with chromosomal abnormalities may appear odd during cell division and growth. These unhealthy embryos would not be transferred, because they are unlikely to successfully implant and result in a pregnancy.

The improved embryo selection offered by the EmbryoScope appears to result in a higher rate of IVF success. Some clinics claim to see a 10-25% improvement in pregnancy rates when using this machine.

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