Sunshine Baby

Published: June 5, 2019

What Does Sunshine Baby Mean?

Sunshine baby is a term used to describe a baby who is born before a miscarriage, stillbirth, or any type of early child loss or death of an infant. In other words, the baby is conceived before the parents and family are struck by loss.

Fertility may not be an issue as the parents are able to conceive, but the loss of the subsequent child may result from different causes of infertility.

FertilitySmarts Explains Sunshine Baby

The term, like many other weather-related terms, is commonly used in online forums and parent groups to refer to different situations in which children are born into. Sunshine babies represent “the calm before the storm.” The child who is lost is then referred to as an angel baby.

Some people find solace in the use of these terms but there are also who don’t believe that terms need to be affixed to children based on whether they live or die. There are also those who believe that some of these terms specifically “sunshine baby” alienates mothers whose first child passed away, as they will never have sunshine babies. People grieve differently and they are free to use whatever makes them most comfortable.

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