Spermatic Cord

Definition - What does Spermatic Cord mean?

The spermatic cord is a tube-like structure that supports a man’s scrotum and testes. The spermatic cord is an important part of the male reproductive system, and dysfunction of the cord could result in male factor infertility. Part of the spermatic cord is known as the vas deferens.

The spermatic cord may also be called the testicular cord.

FertilitySmarts explains Spermatic Cord

The spermatic cord’s primary role is assisting in the transport of sperm from the testes, where it is produced, to the urethra, the tube that expels semen from the penis. This component of the cord is called the vans deferens. The spermatic cord also has another role in assisting the penis in becoming erect.

Damage to the spermatic cord could result in the inability to expel sperm from the testes, or to gain or maintain an erection. While the cord is covered in a thick tissue, which helps to prevent injury, the cord is delicate and susceptible to trauma. Testicular torsion, the twisting of the testes and spermatic cords, can damage these tubes. Additionally, a hernia, when tissues or organs bulge from a fragile zone in the abdominal wall, can constrict the cord. This would prevent the passage of sperm. Either situation is considered a medical emergency; both need to be medically addressed to avoid long term or permanent damage. Both testicular torsion and hernias may require surgery to correct.

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