Conception Date

Definition - What does Conception Date mean?

Conception date is a term that refers to the exact day a pregnancy was achieved. Technically, conception occurs when an egg is fertilized with sperm. However, there is no way to precisely determine the conception date for pregnancy achieved through intercourse.

Alternatively, someone who becomes pregnant as a result of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) would be aware of the date, as it would coincide with a medical or lab-based procedure.

Knowing the exact conception date is not necessary in order to determine the fetus’ gestational age or expected due date.

FertilitySmarts explains Conception Date

Pregnancy through intercourse:
When ovulation occurs, an egg is released from the ovary to the fallopian tube and slowly migrates towards the uterus. If the egg meets sperm during that time, the sperm can fertilize the egg. This is the moment of conception.

An egg released from the ovary lives anywhere from 12-24 hours. However, sperm that enters the vagina around the time of ovulation is able to survive for up to five days. While ovulation tracking can assist in determining the approximate fertility window, there is no way to pinpoint the specific moment of conception.

Pregnancy through ART:
A variety of ART procedures facilitate pregnancy. The coinciding conception date varies for each technology's individual methodology. The conception date may be based on date of egg retrieval, lab-based fertilization, the day of embryo transfer, or artificial insemination date.

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