Primipara (Primip)

Definition - What does Primipara (Primip) mean?

Primipara is medical terminology referring to a woman who has given birth once, where the fetus reaches viable gestational age. The definition of fetal viability ranges from region to region, often falling between 20 and 24 weeks. Multiple gestation pregnancies are generally counted as a single delivery.

A primipara woman may also be called a primp, or described as para 1.

FertilitySmarts explains Primipara (Primip)

Birth professionals often use shorthand terminology to refer to woman's obstetric history.

Primiparity is the condition of having given birth once. A woman who has given birth once is primiparous, and is referred to as a primipara.

With the term primiparity, "primi" is a Latin prefix that denotes a first occurrence, while "parity" refers to the number of times a woman has given birth.

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