Grand Multipara (Grand Multip)

Definition - What does Grand Multipara (Grand Multip) mean?

Grand multipara is medical terminology refering to a woman who has delivered 5 or more pregnancies, with each reaching viable gestational age. Viable gestational age varies in different regions, generally ranging from 20-24 weeks. Multiple gestation pregnancies are generally counted as a single delivery.

A grand multipara is also referred to as a grand multip, and may be described as para 5.

FertilitySmarts explains Grand Multipara (Grand Multip)

Birth professionals including OB/GYNs, midwifes, and labor and delivery nurses often use abbreviated terminology to describe a woman's obstetric history.

Grand multiparity is a term to describe the condition. A woman who has delivered 5 or more pregnancies is grand multiparous and is referred to as a grand multipara.

A multiparous woman has given birth 2 or more times. A woman becomes a grand multipara after delivering 5 infants.

Grand multiparas are generally considered to be at higher risk than average with subsequent pregnancies.

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