Definition - What does Lovenox mean?

Lovenox is an injectable medication used as a blood thinner to prevent or treat blood clots. Sometimes Lovenox is used to prevent miscarriages in women who have a history of recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL). It does so by preventing clots from forming in the embryo and placenta. In addition, it increases insulin-like growth factor at the implantation site which is important for embryo maturation. Lovenox may increase production of cellular substances and proteins in the uterine lining that helps the embryo mature. It also suppresses immunologic causes of infertility. Lovenox is sometimes prescribed with other medications in a fertility regimen or during in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Lovenox is also known as enoxaparin. It is a low-molecular weight heparin. This means that it is structurally related to the blood thinner known as heparin.

FertilitySmarts explains Lovenox

Lovenox is given subcutaneously (injected under the skin) once daily.

Although widely used to prevent miscarriage, widespread trials studying the effectiveness for this use are lacking. Some smaller trials have shown no significant difference in birth rates between women pretreated with Lovenox versus women without.

Some common side effects from Lovenox include irritation or bruising at the injection site. To prevent this it is important to rotate injection sites. Other serious side effects include anemia or bleeding, hemorrhage, and low platelets (clotting factors).

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