Our November blogger of the month from our list of Top Infertility Blogs is Whitney Anderson from the blog Whitney & Erick. Whitney's blog is what we think of as a "full circle" experience. After finding resolution to infertility by welcoming twins through surrogacy, her focus now lifestyle content and infertility advocacy. What we like most about her blog are the deep dives she offers like this guide to recurrent pregnancy loss. Her blog offers fantastic resources to those currently experience infertility and her lifestyle content is also a gentle reminder that there is life after infertility, too.

FS: What are three words that describe your blog?

WA: What are three words that describe your blog? My blog has evolved over the years. Right now, I would say Lifestyle, Travel and Fashion. If we are talking about the infertility section of it, then I'd say surrogacy, miscarriage and repeat pregnancy loss (RPL). Also, earlier this year I created and launched Surrogacy Hope, a website dedicated to lower cost surrogacy without using an agency.

FS: Why did you start blogging?

WA: I don't know...It was so long ago! Like 12 years ago, but it grew into a way for me to get my feelings out and chronicle our life with infertility.

FS: What's the story behind the name?

WA: No story -- just our names.

FS: What topic do you find yourself covering most often and why?

WA: As I said, my blog is back to being lifestyle after being hijacked by infertility, however as far as IF goes, I blog most often about advocacy or legislative issues.

FS: Who is your target reader?

WA: Since I write about different things now, I imagine I have several subsets of readers -- some that have been touched by infertility and some that are interested in lifestyle content. In some ways, much of blog is personal and I write for me, but on the other hand, I do frequently write how-to posts on various topics for others. Those are usually my most-read. For example, Survivor's guide to RPL, How to afford IVF/adoption, How to find a surrogate on your own. So, for those, I'm speaking to a very specific group.

FS: What's unique about your blog?

WA: Same as above. I love writing article-style posts when I have been through something difficult to help others understand it.

FS: What was your most popular post ever? Why do you think it was popular with readers?

WA: Definitely a post I wrote about OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation). I wrote a total guide about what it is, why you get it, what the symptoms are and how to feel better. I think it has done so well because there is a lack of information about it and also it highlights my very real experience with it.

FS: What is the best thing about writing about infertility?

WA: Sometimes, it helped me work things out that I didn't know I was feeling until I wrote it. It helped me get it out and start to heal. Blogging also connected me to some amazing women that have become great friends.

FS: What is the worst thing?

WA: INTERNET TROLLS. 100%. They love to bash my reproductive choices and tell me how selfish I am for pursuing fertility treatments instead of adopting. I also had to deal with some of this same thinking from a few friends. It's just what happens when you are vulnerable with your life and story and put yourself out there.

FS: What's the best tip you have to offer someone struggling with fertility issues?

WA: 1. Be your own advocate 2. Find someone that is going through something similar to you to talk to. Whether online or in person.