March is Endometriosis Awareness Month and I've sprinkled in quite a few endo posts because after how much pain and suffering these endo-warriors have gone through, they not only deserve an honorable mention in FertilitySmarts Social Summary, they deserve a medal, a shot of whiskey, a spa week and a country named after them.

1. Aside from the fact that this brings home that embryologists really are your embryos first babysitters, I can’t help but feel that given the temperatures these embryos are in, I’d prefer not having the female embryos wear bows but instead, they ALL wear ear muffs and gloves.

2. If a clinic were smart, they’d hold a “clinic waiting room art contest.” I, for one, would either frame pictures of memes or pictures of Ryan Gossling because, well, Ryan Gossling.

3. OK, we’ve all seen this to death but that's because it's not untrue...

4. This rings so, so true for me as often when I share with “regular folk” that I went through IVF or work in the world of fertility, they back away from me as if it’s contagious. And on the note of Willy Wonka, can we discuss what the chocolate factory would be like if it were fertility treatment-themed? The Clomid Rollercoaster? The IUI Merry Go Round? The Everlasting Follistim Pen?

5. March is endometriosis awareness months and I’m all praise hands emoji for this meme. While endo SUCKS, is painful and I would not recommend it, if you do have it, it’s NOT the endo-you! You can still be fabulous! (Although maybe not quite as fabulous as Beyonce. You’d need a portable fan, entourage, makeup artist, etc. for all that).

6. Beer, sushi, soft cheeses, a bath in a hot tub… if you've got your period, go hard my friend.

7. Whether you have periods from hell (as I do… my maxi pads are so big, if I were on the Titanic, I could have saved the entire ship with my pad alone), I’m sure this meme speaks to you.

8. Of course. It’s like actually going through it yourself. Makes total sense. Excuse me while I back away from you now.

9. I don’t have anything to see other than I wish I could wear this outfit to every advocacy and infertility event I attend. I’m in love.

10. 1: There are not enough “Ovary” jokes in the world. 2: There are not balloons about ovaries in the world. 3: These balloons put together that make the following statement speak the truth when it comes to women’s health. Women AND Ballons should not be ignored!

11. I'm sharing this for three reasons: 1. Here’s another amazing endo-shero sharing her story. 2. Who doesn’t love and want positive vibes? 3. They are vibrators and that makes me smile. Take that observation however you want.

13: God, I love this.

14. How I feel about pretty much everything… especially when I have PMS, my period or it’s after my period. Basically, I feel well only five minutes of each month and that’s usually when I’m sleeping.