How do you block pregnancy, baby and parenting ads on Facebook?

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How do I turn off baby-related ads on Facebook?


Experiencing infertility or loss is hard enough without the reminders and triggers that seem to exist everywhere.

If Facebook is pretty sure that you want to see endless parenting-related ads and it's not what you want, you can adjust your ad settings. This isn't a perfect solution —and it won't stop pregnancy announcements or baby updates, but it's something.

Directions Via The App

To change your parenting ad settings on Facebook via the app:

⇨ ≡

⇨ Settings & Privacy

⇨ Settings

⇨ Ad Preferences

⇨ Hide ad topics

⇨ Parenting

⇨ Select duration

Directions Via The Website

To change your parenting ad setting on Facebook via the website:

1.Select the down arrow in the upper right corner

Blocking parenting ads screenshot

2. Select 'Settings.'

Blocking parenting ads screenshot

3. Select 'Ads.'

Blocking parenting ads screenshot

4. Select 'Hide ad topics'

Blocking parenting ads screenshot

5. Select a time frame

Blocking parenting ads screenshot

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