What should you watch next time you reach for the remote? We have three great infertili-TV options for you. What these two documentaries and comedic web series all have in common is that they convey the emotional expense of infertility in a way that the medium of film truly does best; you can feel the highs and very real lows. In different ways, these shows illustrate infertility as the painful, emotionally exhausting, expensive medical condition that it is.

How to Buy a Baby

How to Buy a Baby is a comedic web series about an infertile couple trying to conceive. From awkward conversations to never-ending pregnancy announcements to unsolicited advice, if you have experienced infertility, you will relate to the goings-on of this show. If you haven’t experienced infertility, this show reads like a what not to do for supporters. Bottom line - if ‘fertilifucked’ means something to you, check it out.

What can I expect?

Laughs, awkward situations & more. Give the trailer a watch.

Where can I watch How to Buy A Baby?

Good news! This show can be found online.

One More Shot

One More Shot is a documentary that follows one couple from their first appointment with a reproductive endocrinologist through years of multiple fertility treatments. It is an up close a look at the physical, emotional and financial costs of making a baby. It gets extra personal because the subjects are also the filmmakers. Bottom line - keep the tissues handy as you watch this emotional journey unfold.

What can I expect?

Heartbreak, resiliency, Give the trailer a watch.

Where can I watch One More Shot?

You can view One More Shot on Vimeo On Demand, iTunes, Amazon.

Vegas Baby

Vegas Baby is a documentary that follows a contest where aspiring patients compete for the prize of a free round of in vitro fertilization (IVF). What this documentary is able to tease out of this controversial situation is the desperate position that many people find themselves in when they want to have a child. Bottom line - be prepared to feel conflicted.

What can I expect?

Confusion, sadness, anger, joy - pretty much everything. Give the trailer a watch.

How can I watch Vegas Baby?

Netflix, iTunes, Amazon

You might also feel inclined to show some support to the people choosing to put their personal infertility stories out there for public consumption. From the filmmakers to the subjects of the shows, there are real people behind these stories. So perhaps after you watch one of these shows you might be motivated to leave a review, recommend it to a friend, send the show some social media love or all of the above. That's what we plan to do.