Dealing with a diagnosis of infertility can affect every aspect of your life. Seeking treatment and deciding to create a family outside of your bedroom might challenge you individually, your family relationships, your work, your friendships, your spirituality, and your finances. If you have a partner, perhaps this is even the first marital or relationship crisis to hit you both. There are new terms to learn, processes to understand, and decisions to make.

The good news is that you don't have to go at this process alone. If you think you might need additional support and guidance during your journey, a fertility coach might be right for you. How do you know if you'd benefit from the services of a coach? Here are six ways a fertility coach might help with your journey:

1. Reduce Feelings of Uncertainty

A fertility coach should help you create a fertility game plan. The processes of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) and other family building options all have a steep learning curve. A fertility coach should listen attentively to your unique situation and then help you to craft a fertility game plan. This plan should be about all of your needs and crafted in a manner that is most appropriate for you to use and adjust as appropriate. A fertility coach's sweet spot should be helping you find a system that will give you hope and yet keeps you grounded and moving forward.

2. Provide a Solution-Focused Perspective

A fertility coach’s focus should be on keeping your fertility journey moving with a solution-focused perspective. If you are confronted by disappointment and confusion, it can be easy to forget how powerful and amazing you actually are. A fertility coach can help you quickly navigate through the emotional upheaval and sense of "stuck" and get you back into the rhythm of your fertility game plan.

3. Inspire Emotional Resilience

There is a cycle and rhythm to a fertility journey and a good coach knows the 10-steps forward, 12-steps back fertility cha-cha is part of the process. The dance of creation requires stamina and perseverance. Based on your specific needs and point of view, a fertility coach will provide insight, tips and coping strategies to help you manage the ever-changing, critical details of this process. Emotional resilience is the key to managing the emotional swings that many experience during a creating cycle.

4. Focus on Self-Care & Accountability

Part of fostering emotional resilience is crafting a self-care regiment that is personalized for you and being accountable to your plan. Simple things that are meaningful to you make a big difference. The accountability that a fertility coach provides keeps you on track.

5. Encourage a Proactive Mindset

A good fertility coach will provide you with strategies, tips, and insight on how to manage the fight or flight feelings you might experience. A large part of this process is recieving information and then taking appropriate actions. It is important to have a system of management for both the external information coming at you and your internal reaction or triggers. A fertility coach should be knowledgeable of the process and can act as a guide and communicator to your team.

6. Remember That It's Not About the Baby...

The most profound aspect of the coach/ client relationship is you. At the end of the day, it is not about the baby. It's about your growth, your balance and your strong sense of self and self-love. A fertility coach provides validation to your fertility journey by acknowledging your perceptions while focusing on action steps to move through the emotional, physical, spiritual and financial chaos.

A professional, experienced fertility coach should be a combination of a nurturer and a warrior. They help you hold on to hope when you’re unable to do so and are able to keep the clear vision of your co-created intentions.