We started our list of Top Fertility Blogs to bring together the best bloggers in the fertility space. We are now at 90+ listings and have grown to include podcasts and a few other fantastic resource sites, too.

But what makes a "best" blog? Well, what everyone values is a bit different. That is why we wanted to make the content easily sortable by different metrics. We put up some external measures that shows how other people are interacting with the content, which is how the list is currently sorted.

We also added the ability search by topic. The most common topic searches in 2018 included:

  1. IVF
  2. Unexplained infertility
  3. LGBTQ
  4. Male Infertility
  5. Over 35 (Advanced Maternal Age)
  6. PCOS
  7. Egg Donation
  8. Fertility Podcasts
  9. Childfree
  10. Secondary Infertility

It takes guts to put what are often very personal accounts online. In our annual tip-of-our-hat to these fantastic people, we wanted to share with you what was most popular with readers over this past year.

Based on pageviews from our listing, these blogger pages generated the most interest in 2018. Check them out, give them a read, and send your favorites some social media love.

  1. Don't Count Your Eggs
  2. Our Misconception
  3. Bumps To Baby
  4. Beat Infertility
  5. IVF? WTF!
  6. In Due Time
  7. The Uterus Monologues
  8. Waiting For Baby Bird
  9. Strength Through Infertility
  10. Frugal Crib
  11. Infertility And Life
  12. The 16 Percent

You can also check out the profiles of our Blogger of the Month to read about the best (and worst!) thing about fertility blogging, along with the best tip they have to offer.