About FertilitySmarts

What is FertilitySmarts all about?

Getting pregnant isn't always easy. In fact, about one in every eight couples has trouble conceiving. FertilitySmarts was created by two women for whom getting pregnant was much more involved than they initially thought. We were surprised by the process it took to get there – including the inner workings of our own bodies! But, when it came time to seek out more information about fertility options, all we found were sites full of useless gender quizzes and attempts at selling us “magic beans”.

What we were looking for was an evidence-based website about fertility that broke down information in a helpful, easy-to-digest manner. This is exactly what we hope FertilitySmarts can be for you. Along with a dash of humor and a whole heap of compassion, we aim to provide info on everything to do with getting pregnant and help you get smart about your fertility.*

We're your fertility encyclopedia, so we want to hear from you. Contact us with questions, comments or suggestions.

FertilitySmarts does not provide medical advice and instead, provides general information.