Blogger of the Month: Jessica Jones of Infertility & Life

Jessica writes about undergoing IVF and raising awareness about infertility.

Becoming an Egg Donor: The Recruitment and Screening Process

What to expect from the donor recruitment process.

Becoming an Egg Donor: Agencies, Clinics, Egg Banks & Private Arrangements

What you need to know about the different options for donating eggs.

Understanding the Legal Side of Surrogacy: 5 Steps

If you are considering using surrogacy to grow your family, it is important to know up-front what to expect from a legal standpoint.

What to Expect When Your Gestational Surrogate is Pregnant

Spoiler and cliché alert: Expect the unexpected.

30 Ways You Know You've Been A Fertility Patient For Too Long

You know you're a senior member of the infertility club when...

Navigating the Decision to Become an Egg Donor

Considering becoming an egg donor? Start here.

Why Embryo Donation Was Right For Us

After our family was complete, we knew instantly that we could not destroy our remaining embryos.

Fertility Blogger of the Month: Valerie of Eggsperience

Our blogger of the month is Valerie of Eggsperience & Eggology Club podcast.

Preparing for Your IVF Egg Retrieval

Here’s what you can expect from an egg retrieval procedure.

A Guide to At-Home Insemination

With home insemination the right timing - and the right equipment - are crucial.

Getting HER Pregnant: What Nobody Tells Intended Parents About Surrogate IVF

Prepare for some awkward moments, a whole lot of TMI, and things no one mentioned about the getting-her-pregnant part surrogacy.

Why It’s OK To Be Selfish While Experiencing Infertility

Why you shouldn't feel bad about prioritizing yourself.

The Importance of Sharing our Miscarriage & Infertility Stories

Sharing your story of pregnancy loss or infertility can be healing.

What to Include in a Surrogacy Agreement

A surrogacy agreement helps protect all who sign and will become the road map of your surrogacy partnership. Here's what you'll want to consider.


Will my embryos fall out?

A common question asked is, “Will my embryos fall out?” The answer is no; they will not fall out.Perhaps you are thinking of textbook illustrations that show...

Why are embryos transferred at different times?

Embryo transfer can be carried out on any day of development, although most clinics do so on either day 3 or day 5 of development. The primary benefit of growing the...

How are embryos selected for transfer during an IVF cycle?

The easy answer to this question: the best embryos are chosen!There are a number of factors that determine which embryos are deemed best. On any given day of culture,...

What are the pros and cons of a day 5 embryo transfer?

Pros of a Day 5 Blastocyst TransferBy leaving the embryos in the lab until Day 5, the embryologist is better able to choose the better quality ones, which will provide a...

How long can sperm live in a woman's body after ejaculation?

The lifespan of a sperm inside a woman’s body depends on the sperm itself as well as the surrounding environmental factors.A healthy adult male releases around 60...