Pre-Ejaculatory Fluid

Definition - What does Pre-Ejaculatory Fluid mean?

Pre-ejaculatory fluid is the fluid released by the penis during arousal to protect ejaculated sperm from the acidity of the male urethra and vagina. While this fluid does not contain sperm, various studies have shown that pre-ejaculatory fluid has the potential to collect sperm in the urethra from a previous ejaculation and push them to the tip of the penis, increasing the chances of conception.

Pre-ejaculatory fluid can also be referred to as preseminal fluid, pre-ejaculate or with the slang term pre-cum.

FertilitySmarts explains Pre-Ejaculatory Fluid

Pre-ejaculatory fluid is a thick and clear fluid released from an erect penis when aroused. During sexual activity, ejaculated sperm travels through the urethra, the same route acidic urine passes through; this neutralizing fluid is initially released in order to protect the sperm cells from the harshness of the acidic environment found in the male urethra and also the vagina.

While some men have been noted to have large amounts of pre-ejaculatory fluid, an advantage for fertility, other men may have little to no fluid. In the absence of pre-ejaculatory fluid, sperm may die off before they get into the vagina, causing male fertility issues.

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