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    Best Ovulation Tests

    If you are looking to get pregnant quickly (and both partners have no underlying fertility issues), timing is the key.The optimal time to conceive is called your fertile window. Peak fertility or...

    By: Kelly Park | Contributor

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    Ovulation Tracking Charts

    A BBT chart is used to track fluctuations in basal body temperature (BBT), which is your body's temperature at rest. Because a slight rise in temperature occurs at the time of ovulation, tracking...

    By: Kelly Park | Contributor

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    Identifying Stages of Cervical Mucus

    If you have done a little research on getting pregnant, you've probably come across references to cervical mucus, but you may be wondering why it matters and how to identify it.Many people are...

    By: Amy Sedgwick | Co-Founder, Red Tent Sisters


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