Home Insemination Kit

Published: October 18, 2017

What Does Home Insemination Kit Mean?

A home insemination kit is a product that contains tools to help people perform artificial insemination at home. The contents of these kits vary depending on the method they use to deposit sperm. Home insemination kits can be purchased online or at some fertility clinics.

FertilitySmarts Explains Home Insemination Kit

Home insemination kits allow individuals or couples to collect a sample of sperm and deposit it in the vagina near the cervix. They can assist in producing a successful pregnancy because they allow sperm to deposited closer to the cervix where it can pass into the uterus and fertilize an egg.

People who may wish to use a home insemination kit are same-sex couples, individuals wishing to become pregnant on their own, or those planning on co-parenting with a partner with whom they do not have a sexual relationship.

In order to be effective, home insemination kits must be used at the time of ovulation.

Home insemination kits vary depending on the method used to deposit sperm. They may contain syringes, cervical caps, special condoms, semen cups, sperm-friendly lubricant, ovulation testing supplies, and other products. Sperm used with the kits can either be fresh or frozen. Frozen sperm must be warmed to room temperature prior to use.

Home insemination kits are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased online or at some fertility clinics.

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