Turkey Baster Method

Published: October 18, 2017

What Does Turkey Baster Method Mean?

The turkey baster method is a slang term for self or at-home insemination. The name comes from the idea that the syringe or other tool used in the procedure resembles a turkey baster. An actual turkey baster is much too large to effectively handle a small semen sample.

The turkey baster method is also known as self-insemination or at-home insemination.

FertilitySmarts Explains Turkey Baster Method

During at-home insemination, a syringe or similar tool is used to draw up semen and insert it inside a woman’s vagina. Because fluid is drawn up from one end and then released, the image has been associated with a turkey baster. This is how the turkey baster method got its name.

The turkey baster method (self-insemination) is actually most commonly performed using an insemination syringe. In order to potentially produce a pregnancy, it is important that the timing of this procedure coincides with the time in a woman’s cycle when she is ovulating.



At-Home Insemination

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